Check Your Blood Pressure At Hometo Prevent Hypertension

Check Your Blood Pressure At Home to Prevent Hypertension

In order for you to know whether you have hypertension, you have to monitor the increase and decrease in your blood pressure levels. When you are able to check your blood pressure at home you will become aware of what causes it to rise or fall and take the necessary precautions or get the required treatment. The longer blood pressurelevels are uncontrolled, the greater the damage to the body.

Why is Hypertension Difficult to Detect?

You wouldn’t know if you have high blood pressure primarily because there aren’t really symptoms that pinpoint to the condition. Most Americans have hypertension but only half are aware that they have it since it is only incidentally detected during a routine medical examination. Uncontrolled hypertension almost always leads to any of the Why is Hypertension Difficult to Detect?following medical conditions:

  • Stroke or heart attack.
  • Heart failure.
  • Aneurysm.
  • Retinopathy.
  • Kidney damage.

You Need a Good Quality Blood Pressure Monitor

To check blood pressure regularly, you need good quality equipment like the Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with the ComFit™ Cuff that has several excellent features. This monitor fits arms with a circumference of nine to 17 inches which means it can accommodate both standard-sized adults and those who are overweight or on the way to obesity.

The HEM-780 can provide more accuracy in measurement through personalization of its inflation ability for the specific needs of the individual user. Besides its extended length, the patented ComFit™ Cuff has been outfitted with a pre-formed cuff tube for the arm to be placed over its brachial artery in order to allow a proper and quick fit even without any assistance.

Features of the HEM-780

The environmental operating temperature for the HEM-780 is between 50˚F and 104˚F with a storage temperature range of between -4˚F and 140˚F. The light weight of the HEM-780 – only 420 grams exclusive of batteries – makes it portable and convenient to bring when traveling. When used new batteries, the HEM-780 has approximately 1,400 uses when operational for six times every day.

The HEM-780, newest in the Omron 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor line, has been equipped another patented technology, theIntelliSense™, which enables the inflation and deflation of the monitor at its optimum level. This helps to increase the accuracy of measurements, given that the blood pressure goes through changes every so often depending on what a person does.

This feature is especially critical for those with chronic heart disorders or arrhythmia. Moreover, the HEM-780 has a date and time feature and a storage capacity of 90 readings to help doctors in monitoring the progress of a patient’s blood pressure on a long-term basis. With a five year limited warranty, the user is assured of the product’s reliability and durability during that time frame.

There is no need to charge the HEM-780 because it is battery-operated(the batteries are included in the purchase); it also comes with an AC adapter. A storage caseand an instruction manual in both Spanish and English for Spanish and bilingual speakers of both languagesare inclusive with the purchase. This Omron monitor model has an LCD screen which makes for an extra-large display for clear and easy reading of results.

Features of the HEM-780The monitor’s clinically-proven IntelliSense™ technology can determine the exact amount of the ideal blood pressure level as well as detect morning hypertension and irregular heartbeats with just one push of the starter button.

It provides one guest and two-user memory capabilities for 84 readings and 16 averages weekly per user without affecting the previously-stored readings.

The HEM-780 has two reading modes, namely the Single Read Mode with Advanced Averaging and the TruRead Mode, an indicator for morning hypertension (a condition that can increase the risk for a stroke), and an automatic mechanism that shuts off after being idle for five minutes. Most people are not even aware that they are at high risk for morning hypertension.

The risk factors for morning hypertension include excessive alcohol and/or smoking, longer sleep times and later awakening times, older age, the day of the week (specifically Monday), and cold weather. Checking the blood pressure of those who fall under these risk categories will result in higher readings in the mornings than most people who don’t smoke, are younger, and have regular sleep and awakening times.

Based on the recommendation of the American Heart Association (AHA), the upper limit of a normal blood pressure reading done at home should be 85 mmHg for Diastolic and 135mmHg for Systolic. Moreover, the AHA advises those who have diabetes, women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding, and those with existing kidney disordersto aim for a lower home reading.

Other Beneficial Features of the HEM-780

This particular Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor model has a plethora of other beneficial features for the user including automatic exhaust and pressure release valves, rapid release of air, and a pressure sensor for capacitance. The HEM-780 uses the oscillometric method which operates by sensing the magnitude of oscillations caused by the blood when it starts to circulate again in the user’s body.

Additionally, this model is capable of pulse wave detection using the previously mentioned pressure sensor of the capacitance type. This can identify early signs of potential cardiovascular disease, a significant factor in preventing future hypertension-related conditions considering that high blood pressure, as mentioned earlier, does not have visible symptoms.

Checking Your Blood Pressure to Ensure You Don’t Develop Hypertension

While it isn’t a must that you check your blood pressure daily if you are not predisposed to high blood pressure, it wouldn’t hurt to take precautions and ensure that you don’t develop the condition. To check your blood pressure at home easily and conveniently,get a dependable, accurate, and affordable blood pressure monitor like the Omron HEM-780.