Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor Review

You can buy a quality blood pressure monitor at a local drugstore or an online seller and it will cost somewhere between $50 and $150. But one of your better options is a Homedics monitor. In this Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor Review we reveal why a lot of people are happy with the monitor’s performance and accuracy. With it, you can keep an eye on your blood pressure consistently and regularly.

One thing you need to know about Homedics monitors is that they are user-friendly and affordable. You can obtain the resultant reading of your blood pressure quickly and accurately. Moreover, Homedics monitors have a memory function that enables the users to keep the time and measurement result of every reading. Like all digital products, Homedic monitors have automatic mechanisms.

Let’s take a closer look at what two of their models have to offer.


Homedics BPA-060

Let’s take a closer look at what two of their models have to offer.The Homedics Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BPA-060 model’s Smart Measure Technology has been clinically proven as accurate.

This upper arm monitor has a Risk Category Index that compares readings to those levels established by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH),the nation’s medical research agency, to inform you if your blood pressure is low, normal or high.

With its advanced technology, the BPA-060 instantly deflates or inflates when the cuff is positioned correctly. The model comes with a standard-sized cuff with a circumference of between nine and 13 inches and a large-sized cuff with a circumference of between 13 and 17 inches.

The monitor has an inclusion of a paper tape measure for the upper arm so the user can determine which of the cuffs to use.

To keep track of your monitoring progress, the BPA-060 has date and stamp functions and comes with a five year limited warranty. Alongside your blood pressure, this model also displays your heart rate, a significant feature especially for those who have the tendency to have or already have irregular heartbeat. This helps you take immediate action to notify your doctor for any changes in both your heartbeat and blood pressure.

Its one-touch starter button and clearly-displayed jumbo digits enable you to turn on the power immediately and read the results just as quickly. The inclusion of four “AA” type batteries, an instruction manual on how to operate the monitoring device, and a storage bag make it even more convenient to own a BPA-060. Not to mention that this model is very affordable.

Homedics BPA-110

This model is a deluxe version that has all the features of the BPA-060 but with add-ons such as a total of 120 readings and an extra-large LCD backlit-screen for displaying clear digits. Like all Homedics models, the BPA-110 inflates to your required pressure and then deflates automatically. To accommodate two users, this model provides two separate readings and stores them in the monitor’s memory separately as well.

The BPA-110 also has a date and stamp function for easier tracking of your blood pressure. It also records the averages of your blood pressure’s three latest readings. Like the BPA-060, this model comes with two cuffs in standard and large sizes with arm circumferences of 9”-13” and 13”-17,” respectively. Moreover, the readings are in Spanish or English, a plus for Spanish or bilingual users.

This model can detect irregular heartbeat like its BPA-060 cousin and has a risk category indicator comparative to the defined levels of the NIH. It carries a five year warranty and is inclusive of “AA” type batteries, an AC adapter, a downloadable instruction manual that can be printed as a PDF file or viewed on a PC or laptop, and a storage bag.

Pros and Cons


Pros and ConsBoth Homedics models have similar “pros” when it comes to its medical grade accuracy. This makes it easier for users to track their blood pressure levels and present the information to their doctors for evaluation and reference.

Because of the irregular heartbeat detection features in both models, there is immediate notification of this condition for the user to act on. The readings in Spanish and English, as mentioned, is definitely a “pro” for Spanish or bilingual speakers.

All of the features in the BPA-060 and BPA-110 are up to par with what you should consider in a quality blood pressure monitoring device. You can do a comparison of either model with a commercial monitor and come up with similar, or better, results.


In both models, some customers have mentioned that they experienced occasional inaccuracies of the readings. These may be the result of improper positioning or placement of the cuffs, in which case the readings will not reflect the actual numbers.

Additionally, some customers also reported having difficulty with adjusting the cuffs to their respective arm circumferences, albeit the cuffs have been designed in two sizes to accommodate a wider range of arm circumference.

What Customers Say About Homedics Monitors

The only two “cons” common to the BPA-060 and the BPA-110 models are those involving the cuffs. This issue has been addressed by the majority of customers themselves who recommended that the cuffs be positioned accordingly.

When the cuffs are correctly placed, the Homedics Smart Technology will always provide an accurate reading of the blood pressure. You can verify this by comparing any reading from a Homedics monitor with that taken at your doctor’s office.


Should you buy the Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor BPA-060 or the BPA-110? Either model is an excellent choice based on a majority of satisfied customers who submitted favorable reviews to third party websites. The only differences would be their prices and the number of readings that each can provide. Moreover, their prices are less expensive than other similarly-purposed brands.

One option for you is the Homedics Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure BPW-040 model which you can look up in the Homedics official website. Although the BPA-060 and the BPA-110 are portable, the Homedics wrist monitor may be more suitable for those who are on-the-go or travel most of the time. The compact-sized BPW-040 has the same features as its other cousins, albeit with a smaller memory recall of 99.


If you go by statistics from the NIH, one in every three adults in the U.S. has hypertension. Only one half of them have successfully used medication and lifestyle changes to obtain less than a 140/90 reading or, for diabetics or those with kidney diseases, less than a 130/80 reading to prevent the potential development of heart problems.

A single Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor review may not be enough to convince you to buy a Homedics monitor but if you already have an existing hypertensive condition or you are at risk, it wouldn’t hurt to consider buying one. Get the best blood pressure monitor there is on the market today and from the plethora of positive customer reviews it has garnered, the Homedics monitor is definitely worth trying out.