Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Review

More than one Omron Blood Pressure Monitor review has shown that this particular brand deserves to be called the top seller of home blood pressure monitoring devices.The line includes the BP785, BP785N, BP786, and BP791IT with minor variations in some models. All of these monitors are generally accurate and user-friendly to boot.

Differences in the Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor Models

Differences in the Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor ModelsTake note that the BP785N and the BP786 models are the latest versions of the BP785 and the BP791IT, respectively. While the BP786 is equipped with Bluetooth for use in data transfer, the BP785N is not, albeit all the other features in the two models are the same.

Meanwhile, the BP785 does not support data transfer through Microsoft Vault but the BP791IT does. Again, both models have the same features.

Features of Omron Blood Pressure Monitors


Numerous customer reviews cite the BP785 as the best blood pressure monitor for the arm. The BP785’s ComFit cuff combines two regular cuffs that are easy to use, with an automatic calibration that can double-check readings for accuracy, and calculate an average of three readings consecutively. It has a signal icon to inform the user whether or not the device has been applied correctly.


According to, the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP652 model is the best in its class. The BP652’s flashing lights and buzzer help the user get the device to its proper position consistently. Moreover, the ComFit cuff fits a number of different wrist sizes. You can have a couple of user accounts with separate reading memory of 100 each and a detector for irregular heartbeat.


BP629The most basic of the Omron line, the Omron 3 Series Blood Pressure Monitor model has good features nonetheless. The cuff of the BP629 will fit wrists that measure between 5¼ inches and 8½ inches.

Although considered a basic model, the BP629 comes equipped with advanced “averaging” technology that displays the three most recent readings during the last ten minutes of its use.


The Omron 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor is a great upper arm monitor for those who are on a budget and just want a basic monitor that’s convenient, accurate, and fast to use. The BP742 averages the last three readings for the last ten minutes, has a one-button starter, comes with a cuff size between nine and 13 inches, informs you if your blood pressure is too low or too high, and records at least 60 readings.

Pros and Cons


  • All Omron units have each been clinically tested and evaluated for accuracy.
  • The wide range of models gives the potential user a lot of choices.
  • The blood pressure monitors have durable construction.
  • All Omron Series models obtain the highest scores for overall efficiency from the majority of customer reviewers.
  • Successful readings from Omron monitors have been compared with those done via a professional sphygmomanometer.
  • Taking and monitoring blood pressure with all monitor models turn out to be cheaper than having these done at a doctor’s office.
  • The cuffs of the monitors have been improved with some models having theirs modifiedto address the issue of inaccuracy reported by some customers.
  • Cuffs have also been enhanced in their inflating ability by having them inflate around the whole arm to prevent incorrect positioning of the cuffs.
  • All models have backlighting and easy-to-read, large digits on their display screens.
  • Instructions for use of the monitor models come in English and Spanish.
  • Omron monitors have been consistently given between 4.5 and five star Amazon ratings by customer reviews.
  • All models come with their respective AC adapters.


  • Some customer reviews noted that some models gave out unreliable readings.
  • As mentioned previously, some monitor models are not capable of data transfer.
  • Some models are incompatible with other apps.
  • Some models use up the required AA batteries faster than others.

Customer Feedback

Customer FeedbackThe inaccuracy issue has everything to do with the size of the cuff. Most customers have realized that if a cuff is too tight, too loose or not placed/worn properly, the resultant reading/s will be inaccurate.

The people at Omron have, thankfully, rectified that situation and have come up with better cuffs. All things being equal, the majority of customers of monitors have always rated Omron products highly.

Satisfied customers have described all the Omron Series as being reliable, consistent, accurate, and convenient health care devices. Not to mention that the affordable prices of the Omron Series have been well appreciated by customers who are on certain budgets. The wide range of models provides users with the opportunity to select the Omron model that will specifically meet their needs and that is important to customers.

As to the issue of incompatibility with other apps, most customers who pointed this out should consider other models that do have compatibility with the apps that they currently use; this is a matter of using the appropriate Omron model for the customer’s particular requirement. As to the battery issue, this depends largely on how frequently and how long a monitor is being used.


Regardless of age or gender, we all need a blood pressure monitor that can serve our needs well. Those with borderline or existing blood pressure need to constantly monitor their blood pressure. Recent research has shown that testing at home can be more accurate than that taken at the doctor’s office. Moreover, an average of several readings over time can provide the user the most reliable kind of measurement.

Now if you base your purchase decision on customer reviews, Omron Blood Pressure Monitor reviews will tell you that the Omron product line gives you the best value-for-your-money.

Should you get an Omron blood pressure monitor? Of course you do! The best thing about Omron is that there is a model for everyone.