Top Rated Portable Blood Pressure Monitors For Home Use

Top Rated Portable Blood Pressure Monitors For Home Use

Blood pressure is an important part of your overall health on many levels, and as people get older, blood pressure issues can definitely arise. Many people make their regular doctor’s visits, blood pressure numbers a normal topic of conversation and analysis. They are prescribed certain medications, and they are told to make changes to their diet and exercise programs.

In fact, people are told all kinds of things, as it must be a different lifestyle that helps them keep those blood pressure numbers under control. You’ve seen the device the doctors use to check your blood pressure during a physical or ‘checkup.’ Then, there are those machines you can find at various places of business where you can sit down, stick your arm in the sleeve and get your blood pressure numbers.

How Accurate Are These Numbers?

How accurate are these numbers anyway? Think about it for a minute. BPA-060-detailThe doctor slaps the sleeve on your arm, wrapping it around and squeezes a little to build up the pressure and medically speaking, he has your number. But, when you do this at the store, while there are directions provided on the side of the machine, many people have their arm in all different positions. And, the doctor actually does the same thing, quickly wrapping the strap around your arm.

Blood Presure Can Fluctate

Moreover, blood pressure can fluctuate due to all kinds of different events in one’s life. This quick snapshot at the doctor’s office or the store, even if accurate, doesn’t necessarily paint a great picture of what your blood pressure is consistently. So there is the question of both consistency and accuracy. And, even if accurate, again it’s the consistency that can really help someone take control of their blood pressure.

What is The Answer?

images (1)The solution is to get one of the top rated blood pressure monitors that are available for home use. These blood pressure monitors are portable, which means you can take your monitor with you wherever you need to go. Not only are these machines considered to be accurate with proper instruction, but they provide that consistency. You can take your blood pressure whenever you want.

Minor blood pressure issues can be corrected quickly and perhaps without the need for consistent monitoring. But, the truth is that of course everyone knows blood pressure numbers can fluctuate drastically. So, the obvious solution is the more you can monitor your blood pressure, the better off you are.

It’s the same solution with monitoring your blood sugar. Diabetics are constantly checking their blood sugar levels at home to make sure that they are doing everything they can to manage their condition. So, checking your blood pressure every chance you get is important to stay on top of your condition, too.

If You Pick Just Any Monitor

If you pick just any monitor out there, you could be back in the same position, not getting consistently accurate numbers to represent your blood pressure in accordance with your physical health. It’s so vital that these numbers be right each time you use the device, and you want a monitor that you can trust.

This doesn’t mean that you need the one with the most gadgets and special features. Some of the companies dress theirs up to make them look better, but functionality is what is important.

Of course, technology is progressing big time these days, and so these monitors are seeing upgrades consistently. If you’re not currently familiar with what is out there on the market, you definitely want to take a look. Mobile apps and everything are taking part in the game now, as health is just as important ‘on the go’ as it is when you are stationary at your home.

In Other Words

Withings Blood Pressure MonitorIn other words, home blood pressure monitors aren’t just for home. When people are out and about being physically active, this is an important time to be able to monitor the changes to your numbers. Think about being able to take your monitor with you wherever you go, addressing any concerns that arise when you get your numbers.

Plus, you can get a better blood pressure average, and this means you can better know where you stand when it comes to your blood pressure health. It is so important that you look at the reviews, however, as they keep pushing out these machines, not all of them popular. Each of them has buzz as it gets close to the release date, but there are detailed reviews available.

Remember, these aren’t just your average products. These products are tied to people’s well being and medical status. So when you’re looking up reviews, that makes a difference. I am reading one about one of the Omron models, and the review is extremely detailed and doesn’t favor the product overall.


There are pros and cons to each product, and when monitoring your blood pressure, you want the top-rated blood pressure monitor out there. Microlife has one of the top models out there, as does QardioArm and iHealth. There are many top brands, and it’s not just about the best one. There are also different models that certain groups of people prefer.

So make sure you pay close attention to the features of each device, and think about which one is going to provide you with the easiest access to your blood pressure the way you need it done. It’s time to keep those numbers under control once and for all.