Don’t Leave Hypertension Untreated, Get A Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Today

Don’t Leave Hypertension Untreated, Get A Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Today

Hip, trendy, and contemporary are only some of the words that can describe the new Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), those who have hypertension should be diligent in monitoring their blood pressure. Home measurements will give your doctor an accurate picture of the condition of your blood pressure to see what you need for treatment or medication.

Moreover, some people get nervous when visiting their doctorwhich often leads the blood pressure to rise and result in higher readings.Home measurementscan also reveal whether readings are really accurate when done at a doctor’s office. And of course, the great thing about having your own blood pressure monitoring device is that you can use the Withings wireless monitor in the privacy and comfort of your home where you feel relaxed and calm.


FeaturesThe Withings Smart blood pressure monitor’s cuff, unlike those of a conventional monitor, is permanently encased in cylindrical form, allowing users to slip their arms through easily. It requires an app to get it running though.

The Withings Healthmate App is free to download and as soon as your Bluetooth connection has been activated, you can conveniently control the wireless monitor exclusively from the app.

The overall designs of the app and the data layout can both be easily navigated to make it less of a hassle to take measurements for longitudinal trends in both your blood pressure and heart rate. You can take separate measurements for other people or add your own readings,those that were taken elsewhere such as in your doctor’s office. The information is sent to you as a report so you can manage and track your results.

As a healthcare device, the wireless monitor app has a section for FAQs which you can access by clicking the information icon near the screen’s top. Common questions such as “what do diastolic and systolic mean?” and “what should I do if my results are abnormal?” are answered by the app with pertinent details. This section also contains information on how you can lower your blood pressure.

After a measurement has been taken, a green, red or yellow dot will appear right next to the reading indicating whether your blood pressure is at optimal level, normal or your condition is a mild, moderate or severe case of hypertension. The Withings app also includes a chart that shows the range of various levels of blood pressure from normal to severe. Withings has standard values used by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pros and Cons


  • You can share the readings from the wireless monitor with doctors, family, etc. either by text or email message.
  • The device has an alarm for reminders such as the schedule for you to do your next daily blood pressure measurement.
  • You don’t need to charge the monitor because it is batter-operated.
  • The monitor can connect to your Android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • The app includes instructions on how you can take your blood pressure accurately.
  • The single graph utilized by the app shows you the Withings smart scale, data collected by other products, activity tracker, sleep monitor and readings for easier comparison or cross indexing.
  • The device has a clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and bears the mark “CE” as proof of compliance with regulations for European medical devices.
  • Being absolutely wireless, the device is convenient to take on trips.


  • Some customers found the product expensive.
  • Those who don’t own smartphones will not be able to use the app installed in the device since the device is powered by a smart phone.
  • The cuff is not able to fit all sizes of arm circumferences.

What Customers Say About It

What Customers Say About ItBased on dozens of Withings Blood Pressure Monitor reviews on Amazon, the product garnered five stars from majority of the customers for an overall Amazon rating of four stars out of five. This means that in spite of itsdrawbacks, the product was satisfactory to the majority of those who purchased it.

Moreover, some customers noted that the Withings blood pressure cuff has been challenging or difficult to deal with since it apparently does not come in a size that “fits all.” This may have significant impact on the patronage of customers of this monitor since those whose arm circumferences are too small or too big will be unable to use the device; this could mean a drop in sales for Withings.


High blood pressure is not called “the silent killer” for nothing. Those who have it or are at risk for it often do not manifest the symptoms of this dreaded condition. Untreated hypertension can slowly damage the body’s organs and tissues over time which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Because blood pressure changes depend on what a person does, home monitoring can help prevent it from going up.

When untreated, hypertension becomes chronic and the risk for your arteries to narrow (atherosclerosis) increases; when this happens, your risk for a heart attack or a stroke increases, too. There is also the likelihood that damage to some other parts of your body can occur. Your kidneys can develop renal failure and those small blood vessels in your eyes may become damaged as well and cause the loss of your vision.

By monitoring blood pressure at home, you can manage it, track its progress, and notify your doctor for any warning signs of an impending heart attack or stroke. A top-rated device like a Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor not only prevents the preeminent strike of heart disease but helps ensure that you maintain an optimal or normal level for your blood pressure as well.